Feedback from participants in the ‘Irish Model for Peace?’ conference

June 12, 2009

Thanks to all of those conference participants who filled out the feedback form for the recent Peace and Conflict Specialist Group conference. This is a summary of your responses:

What did you find worked best in the ‘Irish Model for Peace’ conference?

“I enjoyed NOT having to make choices relating to parallel sessions. The idea of running a two-day, symposium where each participant had the possibility of hearing each paper on offer was an excellent one.”

“Size, time, informal style, being able to meet over dinner”

“A good range of interesting speakers. But, best of all, presentations were very much related to the real world: a healthy balance of theory and practice; both in the Q+As and in conversation during the breaks, the presenters made sensible comments on the practical implications.”

What benefits (if any) did you draw from it?

“Different approaches”

“Opportunity to organize further projects”

“Providing a focus now for thinking about how a model might be developed to take the positive lessons of Northern Ireland and apply them to other conflict zones or at least develop a ‘road map’ that provides a ‘can do/can’t do’ rough theoretical guide”

“New perspectives; contact with (or knowledge of) researchers in the area.”

“Lots to think about; contacts to follow-up”

“Knowledge of other research topics, networking”

What would you like to see done differently in a future conference of the PSAI Peace &Conflict Specialist Group?

“Either on Theory or on comparative aspect vis a vis a specific area/conflict zone.”

“Chance to publish”

“Half the amount of speakers, more time for them to speak 25/30 mins and much more time for structured and focused discussion so that you had a debate over the specific topic the panel was addressing, which you could then take substantive conclusions from”

“asking specific people to speak on topics that you have chosen”

“Perhaps a bit more of a digital edge?”

“A little more openness to other disciples”

Possible topics for a future PSAI P&C conference/workshop

Ranked in order of interest:

1. Conflict Theory
2. Aspects of the Irish experience
3. Comparative dimensions/studies
4. Policy-relevant aspects

What you would like from the Specialist Group:

Ranked in order of interest:

1. Collaboration in Publications/Proposals
2. Dedicated Conference/Workshops
3. Conference Panels
4. Network within Ireland/UK
5. Intra-Group Communication
6. External communication

What would you like the PSAI P&C Specialist Group to prioritise as it develops in the coming year?

Ranked in order of interest:

1. Joint Publications
2. PSAI Panels
3. Mailing List
4. Blog


Lively discussion at ‘An Irish Model for Peace?’

May 26, 2009

The specialist group conference, ‘An Irish Model for Peace’ went off smoothly in the leafy grounds of the Irish School of Ecumenics thanks to excellent local organisation by Dr. Gillian Wylie, assisted by ISE PhD student Alicia Gauch. More than forty delegates attended, travelling from all over Ireland and Britain, with a few traveling from further afield. The final conference programme included more than twenty speakers. The wide variety of views expressed generated plenty of  fruitful discussion and debate that continued at the conference dinner, attended by thirty of the participants. The next step for the specialist group is the organisation of panels for the PSAI annual conference, taking place from 9-11 October this year in Liverpool. There will be a business meeting of the specialist group at the conference where discussion will focus on the future activities of the group. If you wish to become a member simply email

Niall O Dochartaigh

Gettting to the Conference venue

April 15, 2009

To ISE Dublin via Dublin Bus
Nos. 11,11A, and 11B from Trinity College Gate and Nos. 44, 44B, and 48 on Townsend Street adjacent to Screen Cinema. After Ranelagh village the buses go straight up Sandford Road. After the Esso Petrol Station, get off at the next bus stop. Cross the street and enter the front entrance to Milltown Park. Walk up the long driveway and ISE is the first building on the right. Bus rides are normally 20-25 minutes from city centre depending on traffic.

To ISE Dublin via Car
From Trinity College Gate on College Green, go west down Dame Street. Turn left down South Great Georges Street. Follow the road south along Aungier Street which will eventually become Camden Street leading to the Bleeding Horse Pub.
Follow the traffic past the Bleeding Horse Pub, then immediately get into the right lane and follow the traffic to the right (you will pass the Odeon and the Harcourt Luas station which should be to your left). After you pass the Odeon, immediately go into the left lane and take a left and go over the Grand Canal down to Ranelagh Road. You will pass the Barge Pub which will be to your right as you go over the Grand Canal. Follow the Ranelagh road though Ranelagh Village. Continue along Ranelagh Road which is now Sandford Road until you see the Esso petrol station to your left. Immediately at the set of lights to the right will be the entrance to Milltown Park. ISE is the first building on the right.

Walking to ISE from Bewley’s hotel in Ballsbridge
From the main gate of the hotel turn left along Simmonscourt Road, then turn left into Anglesea Road and walk to a junction at Donnybrook (large church and bus garage will be to your left). Cross straight over the main road and go a little to your right, turning into Eglington Road. At the end of Eglington Road turn right and walk to pedestrian lights at the Esso Garage. Cross into Milltown Park and follow the drive to ISE.

An Irish Model for Peace?

March 13, 2009

‘An Irish model for peace’, a conference organized by the Specialist group on Peace and Conflict of The Political Studies Association of Ireland will take place at the Irish School of Ecumenics in Dublin from May 22-23, 2009.

If you wish to attend please register as soon as possible. Numbers are limited.

Registration form


There is no conference fee but all participants must be PSAI members, and must register in advance. If you are not currently a member please tick the appropriate box on the registration form and enclose the membership fee with your registration form.

Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided free of charge on both days.

A room rate of 59 euro a night at Bewley’s Hotel Ballsbridge is available, within a reasonable distance of the venue. To book at that price, follow the links for ‘special offer’ from the Bewleys website, or try:

The conference venue, the Irish School of Ecumenics, is located in Milltown in Dublin, marked A on the map below.
Irish School of Ecumenics (TCD)

If you have any queries please contact the organizers, Katy Hayward (QUB) Niall O Dochartaigh (NUI Galway) Gillian Wylie (TCD):